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Are Dental Implants Painful?

Dental implants have been in use for more than 3 decades. But the idea of getting dental implants still seems frightening. Indeed dental implant is considered a major surgery. The procedure performed by an experienced professional follow strict hygiene and safety protocols. Implant surgery is not straightforward certainly, but it offers plenty of benefits. But there are few words that frighten up the patient: screws, pains, bone, surgery, gum. These words distress and make the patient to think whether dental implant really a painful approach?

It entirely depends upon the level of distress or pain sensitivity, patient would be offered options to make the implant surgery as painless as possible.

Will There Be Pain During Surgery?

The implant procedure is not at all painful with local anaesthesia.

Obviously, mouth will be numb as soon as local anaesthesia is applied where the patient will not feel pain in the gum and jaws. As far as discomfort is concerned, this is entirely dependent upon the person. People with higher pain threshold can bear the discomfort more than others.

Dental Implant surgery
Will There Be Any Pain After Surgery?

Patients already underwent dental implant operation found the post-operation pain tolerable. Indeed there are some discomforts associated with this operation but the intense pain is something really overrated.

It’s actually the complexity of the procedure that can impact the amount as well as the duration of soreness afterwards. To make you are comfortable after the implant surgery, antibiotics along with the pain killers are prescribed during the course of the treatment, to reduce the discomfort.

Tips to Bring Down The Level of Pain


Pain killing medication is one of the effective way of dealing with pains post operation. Sometime, simple over the counter pills are the easiest way of making the patients comfortable. But patients underwent complex form of surgery such as sinus lifting or bone grafting may be given stronger prescribed pain killers.

Hot and Cold Compresses

To bring down the level of swelling for the first 48 hours, then a cold compress must be placed on the area being operated for 15-minute intervals can be really helpful. After 48 hours, a warm compress must be applied that would reduce the numbing sensation as well as pain. Additionally, it would improve the blood circulation and would help to soothe the area.

Limit On Strenuous Activities

It is prescribed by the dentists to avoid any strenuous activities for the first 72 hours. Any strenuous activity may lay negative impact upon the healing time. Even if the patient is feeling good, activities which involve bending down must be avoided strictly. After 72 hours, mild exercises must be resumed to trim down the post-operation impact.

One of the frequent question from the patients who are expecting to go for dental implant in near future “is dental implant really painful?”, the truthful answer is “some degree of discomfort” is more likely to come. But pain is really manageable and the recovery period is relatively short.


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