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Can TMJ Cause Severe Ear Pain?

According to the survey of American Academy of Otolaryngology, only a few kinds of pain are as confusing as ear pain, plus sufferers generally think their aural uneasiness is due to an ear infection. Surprisingly, on the other hand, the most common cause behind ear ache is a disorder of the temporomandibular joint (TMD), which can lead a variety of issues that start at the jaw.

In this article, we shall take a closer look at TMD and ear torment, how to distinguish this sensation from other sorts of pain, why it happens and how to get relief.

What is TMD or TMJ?

The temporomandibular joint is the region right in front of your ear, where the lower jaw meets the side of your skull. The joint involves a complex arrangement of muscles, bones, cartilage discs and, ligaments that function together as a hinge and allow you to move your lower jaw, side-to-side and forward. Any circumstance that makes the jaw to stop working is known as a TMJ issue, and its side effects can bring inconvenience to the ear canal.

Characteristics of TMJ Pain

TMJ ear ache may be a continuous pain or it could be a searing, sharp pain. It might even lead to slight spasms in a portion of the muscles that contain your face. You will probably feel it, of course, as you move your jaw to talk, bite, swallow or yawn. This ache affects the tissues covering the joint right in front of your ear. Ear ache is often coupled with a grinding sensation or clicking sound and it can be hard to open your mouth as wide as you would have the capacity to typically.

Why TMJ Ear Pain Occurs

TMJ disorders and ear pain happen for various reasons. Excessive gum chewing, for instance, can lead to jaw overuse and minor muscle spasms (which are warnings that something isn’t right). A malocclusion or bad bite, and teeth gritting, anxiety and other mental triggers would all be able to put an equivalent strain on these muscles, leading to tenderness and pain in the ear.

TMJ causes EAR Pain
Getting Relief From TMJ Ear Pain

Treating TMJ disorders is dependent upon the reason for the damage and seriousness of the conditions around it. Patients can get prompt relief from sore muscles by utilizing over-the-counter pain medicines and applying mild heat to the region so that it is not stiff when being used. Anti-inflammatory medicine, as well as muscle relaxants, can diminish tenderness and spasms. In the event that a bad bite or teeth gritting cause your ear pain, getting a mouth-guard or orthodontic therapy could help too.

Lastly, TMJ pain requires direct medical care to bring back the jaw to its accurate position. Moreover, in the event that you suffer from ear ache of any kind, do not presume it is an infection immediately. Consider that it could very well be a TMJ ear ache, and avail the dental care that eradicates the origin of the problem.

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