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Our Success Stories

Our Success Stories

Homayoun Mohtaat
I'm Homayoun Mohtaat, Director-General of Afghanistan Civil Registration Authority (ACCRA). I have to confess that I had very complicated issue with my teeth, from infection, to decayed bridges and so forth. From the moment I called Dr. Suri and walked into their office, I was treated with enormous kindness and professionalism. With the extent and breadth of the job that was required to be performed, I had a less painful experience with a highly satisfactory outcome that was beyond my expectation I highly recommend both Dr. Chopra and Dr. Suri. They both are very experienced Dentist in Gurgaon, India.
Mr. Anuj Mittal
Punyam Dental Clinic in Gurgaon has been fantastic and have helped me to save as many natural teeth which can be saved. Dr. Prashant and Dr. Ridhima have been very welcoming and have made me feel very comfortable throughout the procedure. The extraction and implantation with bone grafting surgery was completely painless and the recovery has been very quick due to the method and technology used by the Punyam Dental Clinic. I highly recommended Punyam Dental Clinic, one of the best dental clinic in Gurgaon
Mr Firas
It is the final day of my smile makeover, and coming over from the UK, I feel compelled to share the joy and satisfaction of the results.Before, coming to India, I researched and phoned a few dental clinics. Punyam Dental Clinic was one that stood out because of the advanced technology/ equipment they had invested in. However, what sealed the deal was making contact with Dr Ridhima who is a warm and a wonderful person to deal with. Her temperament really shines through and I had every confidence before arriving in India that I had made a sound choice. At the clinic itself, I met the other head Dentist/Implantologist Dr Prashant who was equally wonderful and had a wealth of experience.All in all, I could not be happier with the 2way process, reassurance, trust and final result of my smile. For someone who has feared going to dentists forever 20 years, I am finally looking forward to my next visit, and that is saying something.Much love and thanks to all the team of Punyam Dental Clinic in Gurgaon.
United Kingdom
I was so conscious of my smile earlier until I got my teeth done with these Magicians – Dr. Prashant and I are so much more confident and I smile with ease now. The ambiance at Punyam Dental Clinic is very relaxing and soothing, with the soft music playing in the background, it’s almost like being in a lounge.
United Kingdom
Alan Thomas Gore
I Alan Gore, British National. Attended surgery for dentistry treatment following the loss of a number of teeth. I must admit that I felt very nervous prior to arriving at the surgery. However, I soon become more relaxed as all procedures were clearly explained to me in a manner that I was clearly able to understand. The procedure itself was carried out in a totally professional manner without the experience of pain despite being in the chair for over 3 hrs. A testimony to the amount of corrective worth required. At the conclusion of my treatment, I was completely satisfied with the work undertaken and the final results. I wish to extend my sincere thanks to all member and staff  who assisted in my procedure and particularly Dr. Chopra, he is one of the best dentist in Gurgaon, India.
United Kingdom
Dr Devika Sharma
I had the privilege and pleasure of meeting Dr Prashant Chopra @ Punyam, where I had teeth whitening procedure done. The visit was very pleasant, the office/ clinic is very non-stressful. For a dewtest visit making the reception a very calming experience and removes preconceived stress from a patient’s mind! The teeth whitening process was done very professionally and compassionately. Both Dr Chopra and Dr Ridhima exude both compassion and empathy in patient care. Love the social aspect of the visit to a dentist office. Very unique experience! Compliments & best wishes to both outstanding Doctors. And compliments to Manoj - Loved the Tea.
Kavita Vikal
Experience at Punyam Dental has been wonderful. The Dr. Prashant and Dr. Ridhima are not only thoroughly professional but also very warm and friendly. Both are experts in their respective area. I am going back with a pleasant experience and a wonderful “Smile”. Thank you so much, both of you. I Would highly recommend them to all.  Highly impressed by the hygiene and high tech machines that are very useful.Wish you all the luck..
Mr Prabhjot Singh
At Punyam Dental Clinic. I had a root canal treatment. The Clinic is perfect on multiple reason. The doctors are very friendly. I could always call them on urgent matter. I m From Germany and to be honest I had my doubts to do a treatment in india. but at Punyam Dental Clinic you will find high end quality in terms of services. I would recommend it to everyone to get a treatment at Punyam, espically to all experts.Thanks
Neeti Jain
I am so glad that I came to this place for my treatment of cross bite. I got my smile corrected and nerve root canal done properly. Thank you so much, Dr. Prashant Chopra for giving me a beautiful smile and Dr. Ridhima for being so supportive and caring throughout the procedure.  It is a pleasure knowing you all. Thanks once again.
Mr S.K. Sharma and Mrs Sharma
I am glad to place on record the wonderful experience at Punyam. It has been an excellent treatment with personal touch and very professional approach. I and Mrs Sharma are very pleased with the advice, dental treatment and care. Dr. Prashant is an authority in his field and Dr. Ridhima very caring and very well equipped with her knowledge of her field. We would advise to people known to us to avail of the professional expertise of both Dr. Prashant and Dr. Ridhima if they need any dental treatment. At the end, we have become a family member of the Punyam. Very caring and treatment with smile is the motto.  
Mr Anil Chityal
Dear Dr. Chopra, Trust this finds you and every one of your colleagues at Punyum well. Dr Chopra, I would like to place it upon record your professionalism, tremendous courtesy and above all your humane way of dealing with your patients. All during my treatment, even though it was a paid service, you personally always made me feel at ease and dealt with every question in a mature and sincere manner. On behalf of both my wife Neelam and I, we would like to thank you for the way you treated me and so far, we are very satisfied with the results. Needless to say, I shall be in contact should any problems arise. You are a credit to your profession Sir and God has given you a special gift to make people happy and literally make them smile. Above all, the joy you seem to get personally from.
United Kingdom
Mr G.S Sidhu
Dr Chopra and his team are very caring and very good Dental Surgeons. I will recommended them to  everyone else. God Bless them with success.
Mr. Riwai William
I am from Gisborne (New Zealand) now living in Perth west Australia. Due to high cost to have Dental Implants plus crowns in Australia. I have come to Delhi to see Dr. Ridhima and Dr. Prashant to have extensive dental work done. The service has been beyond excellent from when I first made contact with Dr. Ridhima via the internet, to my arrival in Delhi. When I was greeted by the driver and taken to Punyam Clinic, where Dr. Ridhima with all the top technologies created a great new smile for me. Then Dr. Prashant did the implants and crowns. I would highly recommend if ever you need dental work done do not hesitate to contact Dr. Ridhima at Punyam. It has been a great experience for me. Thank you Dr. Ridhima and Dr. Prashant.
New Zealand
Mr. Steven Newmark
Very pleasant experience, Very professional, friendly. Happy with office. Very pretty excellent overall, will recommend to friends in USA
Mr. Mohammed Farook
My experience with Punyam Dental. Brilliant service. All care taken, pick up and drop off. Very friendly environment. I had my implant and bridging done by Dr. Prashant all by latest technology. I would recommend anybody for a beautiful smile come to Punyam Dental
Mr. Brian Dalton
I came back to India to complete my dental treatment which started in 2016. My experience with Dr Ridhima and Dr Chopra has always been from the first appointment to the final one. My brother who is also a dentist ( retired), was extremely impressed by the work, which is already been done. A smart relaxing office, with efficient staff and the service goes beyond anything, that I have received in Australia. A modern hotel and restaurant just a few steps away provides excellent and economical accommodation.
I can't speak more highly of Dr Chopra and Dr Ridhima and their staff. BLOODY MARVELOUS !!!!!