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About Dr. Prashant Chopra


Founder/CEO, Implantologist & Restorative Dentist


  • MOI Masters of Oral Implantology (Goethe University Frankfurt – Germany)
  • Diplomat – WCOI (World Congress Of Oral Implantology) – Japan
  • DTR Certified by Dr. Robert B. Kerstein (DMD)
    For the treatment of Temporomandibular Dysfunction and Myofascial pain


  • ISOI – Indian Society of Oral Implantology (IND)
  • ICOI – international Congress Of Oral Implantologists (USA)
  • International Fellowship in DTR & Digital Occlusion

Dr. Prashant Chopra graduated from prestigious Mysore University. He then served with MDC ( Military Dental Services) in Delhi and has been excelling in the world of Dentistry for over two decades taking special interest in field of Dental Implants and restorations.

He is one of the very few Implantologist in India to be conferred with Msc. – MOI ( Masters In Oral Implantplogy ) from world renowned Goethe University Frankfurt em Main Germany under the pioneers of Prof. Netwig and Dr. Paul pioneers and inventors of implant systems .He has bestowed with the Tittle of Fellow from ICOI ( international Congress Of Oral Implantologists) USA for his recognition of his clinical expertise in implant dentistry. Also Tittle of Fellow from ISOI ( Indian Society Of Oral Implantology) (IND) has been awarded for his recognition in field of dental Implantology. Recently his work attribute towards oral implantology has been recognized by WCOI (World Congress Of Oral Implantology ) Japan had has been conferred with Tittle of Di plomat .

In over two decades of his dental & surgical profession he has mastered all the implant systems available but works with selected few and that also taking deep interest from patients preview of oral conditions and counseling them. Keeping in touch with latest in trend and combining over 2 decades of knowledge and exquisite hands on experience of over 5000 implants and restorations he delivers perfect results both functionally and aesthetically.

In the endeavour of achieving perfection he mastered the art of both hard and soft tissue grafting’s utilizing the natures healing elements (platelets ,plasma ,sticky bone ) in conjugation with synthetic substitutes for reaction free and fast healing.

He’s had special training in Intra-Oral Welding a concept very few surgeons are using in India and worldwide for rendering immediate prosthesis over the implants (teeth in one day) he uses international graded WELD One ( Dentsply – USA) ,to achieve one day teeth – Implants and teeth all together.

He has rendered his services with dental chains namely – Axiz / Dentzz / Cystal and mentors young surgeons in field of oral implantology. His keen interest also lies with worldwide issue of Oro-facial pains (TMJ dysfunction) dis-occlusion and is trained to help patients with these disorders.

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