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How Much Dental Implants Cost In India?

Many people think that since dental implants provide a nearly perfect solution to our issues with respect to missing tooth or teeth, they perhaps cost a lot. However, this is not always the case because if you search properly and you are informed, you will find a dental clinic that offers affordable dental implant.

dental implant cost in India

The price of dental implants in India is between 15000 INR and 45000 INR for every tooth. Getting Dental implants in India are definitely more reasonable than western countries, for example, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and so forth. Also, the difference is considerable, which is the reason many individuals from these nations visit India since they save a ton of cash, regardless of the extra expenses of accommodation and flights. The expenses can really add up if you require multiple dental implants.

Type of Implant

The expenditure also varies depending on the type of dental implant you are getting.

Immediate Loading Dental Implants

If you meet the criteria for an immediate loading implant, your aggregate cost might be less expensive as your treatment is also likely to be faster.

The cost of Immediate Loading Implants is 40000 INR /tooth (including crown)

Bone Strength and Density

Since dental implants are integrated into your bone, it is vital that your bone strength is satisfactory. That is the reason it is essential to do imaging scans which demonstrate the condition of your bone and jaw structure. This is essential since it weighs into the expenditure of your dental treatment.

Standard Dental Implant

A standard 2-stage dental implant is a lengthier process which includes insertion of the dental implant in the initial step. After this, a time gap of around 3 months is required for the implant to blend with the existing natural bone. During the second stage, the crown is fixed on top of the implant.

In some exceptional cases, if there is no adequate bone present to hold the implant, then you might first need a bone graft. This graft will help is bone development over a period of time. This may add up to your cost and also the increased time required for treatment.

Understanding the Cost of Dental Implant

Here are a few factors that can affect that cost of the dental implant.

Material – the material to be used for the implant can directly affect the cost. The cost is dictated by the quality of the material to be used. At present, the most common material used is titanium. This is durable and can be trusted to last a very long time.

Number of Teeth To Be Replaced – the more teeth you need to be replaced, the higher the cost of dental implant will be. Most clinics bill the cost of per tooth basis so you can already have a rough idea how they get the total.

Insurance – Some health insurance covers this kind of dental surgery. If your insurance covers 100% of the cost then you can get your implants without spending any amount.

Surgery Requirements – some patients need other surgeries prior to the implant procedure. This is determined during consultation. Common surgeries are bone grafting and sinus lift to obtain a larger area where the implant can be placed.

Depending on your specific circumstances and history, there is a range of options for you to choose from.

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