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How to Protect Your Child’s Teeth? – 8 Dental Care Tips for Kids

It’s the parents’ responsibility to take care of the child, in this article we will help you how to take care of child’s teeth. So in this article, we will tell you parents out there about how can you take care of your child’s teeth? Below mentioned are the 10 basic and most important dental care tips for kids.

how to protect child teeth

Regular Checkup

Child needs to go a regular checkup with pediatric dentist every 6 months and a parent must accompany their child to understand their overall dental condition.

Inculcating Healthy Habits

Teaching them the habit of brushing daily in terms of cleaning their teeth, proper rinsing after every meal is necessary.   Dentistry for kids advises to use water on baby’s toothbrush.

Avoid “Milk Bottle Decay”

It is also known as nursing bottle decay, which is a sign mostly seen in children in the front teeth because of the presence of sugar in the milk it can lead to generalized decay in the front teeth if bacteria is allowed to grow on them.

Reduce Sugary and Sticky Food from their Diet

It is said in the Pediatric Dentistry that giving children sugar moderately in their diet will definitely help them to keep their teeth protected and cavity free for the longer period of time.

Dental Sealants

Ask your pediatric dentist for the dental sealants. Dental sealants offers your kids years of double protection from cavities, sealing spaces and cracks between the teeth where bacteria can easily grow and affect.

Fluoride Application

Once your child has a tooth; a pediatric dentist may suggest you that your child gets fluoride varnish treatments regularly to help avoid tooth decays. This is necessary to get it 2-4 times every Pediatricians are well-trained and experienced to apply fluoride varnish.

Cheese and nuts

You must add cheese and nuts to your children’s diet. Both cheese and nuts are very rich in acid-fighting and help to improve the teeth condition.

Fruits and Vegetables

Multiply the intake of crisp, water-dense vegetables and fruits. Fruits and vegetables contains amount of water and helps keeping your child’s mouth hydrated

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