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Digital Smile Designing provides a remarkable advantage, It is a conceptual protocol in a smile enhancement process which provides a better visual perception and motivation to the patients. While enhancing over the case presentation and predictability through the technology, it visualises the outcome of the restorative procedure, before even starting the treatment.

Digital Smile Designing at Punyam Dental Office

DSD which is a comprehensive method to enhance the smile makeover procedures starts with the imaging system. The main purpose of this imaging system is to capture the encompassing set of digital photos from teeth to the oral structure which can be further modified/Improved.

We employ smile design computer imaging, which allows you to see before and after pictures of your smile enhancement before dental treatment is even initiated. We also use intraoral cameras to allow us to show our patients exactly what we see by transmitting the images onto a chairside computer; digital x-rays to aid in treatment planning and protect patients from excessive radiation; and specialized technology that allows us to track how your jaw moves, listen to your muscles and your joints, in addition to showing you exactly how your bite comes together.


But why Digital Smile Designing is so reclaimable?

Since the technique yields the effective communication between patient and dental specialists by photos and videos captured at several steps which ensure that the restorative technical requirements are compounded with the emotional needs of the patients with the ultimate motive to create the confident and beautiful smile that will harmonise with the physical characteristics and the most importantly with the personalities.  Completed smile designs are  exported to the CAD/CAM software for the ultimate realisation.

Advantage of Digital Smile Designing

By utilising the series set in advance of high quality digital photographs and videos, the  idea of Digital Smile Design is supported by the analysis of the patients’ facial and dental proportions in order to understand the relationship between teeth, gums, lips and smile that results in a crystal clear, attractive and easy to understand treatment presentations with the achievement of ideal aesthetic framework relied upon the teamwork along with the case of re-evaluation.

After the DSD procedure, test drive is shown to the patient to see the preview of the treatment before it is executed.


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