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Dental Implants in Gurgaon

Push back all your discomforts and move ahead with a beautiful smile!

Dental Implants provide a strong foundation to the permanent or removable prosthesis (replacement teeth) to match the patient’s natural teeth. It is made up of titanium alloys (which don’t harm the human body); these implants fuse/integrate with the jawbone of a patient to replace the natural tooth root. Once the titanium posts are inserted/placed, a crown is placed over the implant to give you natural tooth like structure and it also provides support to your crown or bridges; the whole process is called as Dental Implant Treatment. With the help of latest and advanced German technologies, Punyam Dental Office offers painless dental implant treatment to the patients after completely understanding their requirements.The Dental Implants procedure/ treatment plan is fabricated and customized for our each and every patient.

Dental Implant Prosthesis at Punyam Dental Office also includes:

Dentures Supported by Impants– It is a type of prosthesis to replace the missing teeth, where the dentures are supported by implants.This system is also known as All-on-4 Implant prosthesis. These are fabricated in the dental laboratory by following few clinical steps.

Implant Crown– It is also known as a dental cap/crown. It is a replacement for the damaged natural teeth and is placed over the implant.

Implant Supported Bridge– When two or more teeth are missing, implant supported bridge is used as a fixed dental restoration to combat your dental problems.

dental Implants xray

Types of Dental Implants

Endosteal Implant

An Endosteal implant is one of the major systems which can support 90% of the patients for implant, while 1 out of 10 patients are deficient from the jawbone mass in order to support an endosteal implant. At Punyam Dental Office have devised another type of dental implant called as a subperiosteal implant in order to meet the specific need of the patients.

Subperiosteal Implant

A Subperiosteal implant is placed onto the bone rather than into the bone. In case to cover the larger part, like a completely edentulous mandible where the bone has broken due to some reason, this type of implant is successful at our dental implant clinic. It is seen that most of the implantation is done under the gum tissue and bars remain open above the gums, therefore, speedy treatment is done for such dental problems at Punyam Dental Office.

Alternative Dental Implant Techniques

Immediate/Single-Stage Implants

At Punyam Dental Office, Immediate/ Same day/ Single-Stage dental implants are advanced process that allows our implantologist/specialist to surgically insert an implant in the jaw in such a way that the top of the implant is higher than the surface of the bone, at the height of the soft tissue.

  • In this case, dental implants are placed during the same visit after the extraction of the teeth. Crown, bridge and dentures are planned/procedure of fabrication starts after the placement of the implants.
  • These are generally advised only in the cases with good jaw bone quality.

Conventional/Two-Stage Implants

At Punyam Dental Office, Conventional/Two-Stage dental implants are also a surgical procedure by which the implant is placed into the jawbone and the gum tissue is stitched/ closed. But in this technique, after a few months of healing, procedure for implant crown is done to fix the implant crown restoration.

  • Conventional or two-stage implants are done in 2 visits within the difference of 3 to 6 months.
  • These implants may be done for different types of bone conditions. In case, if there is a moderate or severe jaw bone loss, bone grafting can be done prior to the dental implant treatment.


It is a device that ascertains teeth stability, during Implant placement procedure that objectively evaluates the progress of Osseo-integration, and the ISQ values enables us to decide for an immediate loading of Implants.

osstell equipment
weldone dental implant


The concept of WeldOne has been one of the revolutionizing German techniques to make final restorations while putting together the pre-fabricated components intra-orally by enabling our dental specialists for immediate restoration.

What is the Dental Implant Cost in Gurgaon?

During your consultation, we’ll take a 3D CT scan of your jaw/teeth and discuss your treatment options and procedures with you. This helps us to develop an elementary treatment plan for your distinct requirements and give you a figure of an exact, all-inclusive dental implant cost. We have no hidden costsand no other bills from different providers. The cost of dental Implant treatment at Punyam Dental Office includes everything from start to end to modify your smile, which includes:

  • A pre-procedure exam
  • The formation of your customized prosthetic teeth
  • The process of placing the implants and your temporary teeth
  • Post-procedure routine check-ups and fitting your custom teeth

Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Improved self-regard and high-quality of life.
  • Improved and younger facial appearance.
  • Not required to trim the adjacent teeth to form the conventional bridge.
  • Quality of speech improved as compared to having dentures.
  • These are highly durable and have the life ofa long number of years.
  • No further loss of teeth and it gives support to your jaw bone.

Time Frame & Visits

At Punyam Dental Office, we prefer implants in the first visit along with the temporaries; we change it to permanent porcelain teeth after the span of 6 months, as we recommend having a second visit at least after 6 months. In case, if the conditions are good then we may also do immediate loading of crowns in the same visit.

Aesthetics with Dental Implant Treatment

A face without teeth looks sunken and appears sad. Since dental implants are one of the best alternatives we have in today’s world.It will take care of your concern over your missing teeth that may restrict your smile. Since they are a fixed dental prosthesis, you must not worry that they would fall while you are talking, eating or laughing.

Dental implants retain natural shape of your face and smile which makes them as one of the appropriate available choices, thereby, protecting the healthy bone.


Brands Used for Dental Implants in Gurgaon at Punyam Dental Office

  • Bredent
  • Nobel Biocare
  • Ankylos
  • Xive
  • Alpha Bio
  • Bio Horizon
  • ADIN

Painless & Gentle Dental Implant Procedure

Dental implant treatment is a surgical procedure which has been deterred by some anxious people due to the anticipated pain. We practice procedures for placing dental implants that are very comfortable yet painless. Dental specialists at Punyam Dental Office has been excelling in the field of dental surgeries over the decades and over this period, they are well acquainted with all the Implant systems and keep themselves updated with the new techniques and technologies.

Implant Lifetime Warranty

Dental Implants with Life Time Warranty

Since dental implants support long-lasting restoration that is more likely offer a lifetime restoration, it possesses the ability to last for a lifetime but, since the infinite years cannot be guaranteed, hence, Punyam Dental Office experience and clinical studies believe it to be last for a lifetime.

Why Dental Implant at Punyam Dental Office?

Dental Implantationist considered to be an effective and long-lasting treatment, Punyam Dental Office recommends implant supported dentures, bridges and crowns also according to patient’s clinical conditions. Dental Implants at Punyam Dental Office help to restore the lost tooth in order to give the patient’s smile back and also allow natural teeth to function well. Implant for teeth has strived to become the new standard in tooth replacement that enables the patient to enjoy a confident smile because it feels, functions like a natural tooth.

Punyam Dental Office has the best of implantologists for dental implants in Gurgaon, who guides our patients at each and every step so that they get the finest hospitality and don’t feel like they have come for treatment. The high-quality ambience at Punyam Dental Office releases the positivity all around and every detail related to patient’s treatment is transparent here.


Que: What is the Success Rate of Dental Implant Treatment?

Ans: Dental Implant treatment is one of the best solutions for the replacement of tooth loss or missing teeth in today’s world. It is performed by highly trained and experienced dental specialists. At Punyam Dental Office, success rate for dental implantation varies from patient to patient depending upon their medical conditions.

Que: Are Dental Implants Painful?

Ans: Dental implant procedure is painless at Punyam Dental Office, with the help of the latest dentistry tools and technologies; we are able to provide our patients a painless experience. Though, during the procedure and right after it you may feel a slight discomfort but just imagine that it is way better than the pain of dental extractions. Depending upon case to case, it varies.


State of the Art Technologies Under One Roof
Advanced Technology includes Tek-Scan, Bio iLase, Osstell, Weldone, DSD

Multiple Generation in Single Family Have Trusted Us..

99% Success Rate in Dental Implants
5000+ Successful Implants, Packages starts @Rs.18,900/-

We Use Class B Autoclave for Sterilization Protocol
All Materials Used in our Setup are Imported from USA, UK, Germany, Australia.

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