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Full Mouth Restoration in Gurgaon at Punyam Dental Office

Are you missing out on your smile because of worn out teeth, give us a chance to get back your beautiful smile.

What is Full Mouth Reconstruction?

As the name suggests, it is the method of replacing all the teeth in mouth. When a patient’s clinical condition of mouth worsens and there is no other option to treat him/her with any other treatment is left than Full mouth Restoration is the best option you have to get your beautiful smile back. Punyam Dental Office provides the complete new look to your teeth by this treatment. Our dental specialists suggest that the major reason for Full Mouth Rehabilitation is to restore the functions of the teeth along with its overall aesthetics.

Who are the candidate for Full Mouth Restoration?

A cosmetic dental treatment, Full Mouth Restoration combined with aesthetics incorporated with the revolutionary science of restorative dentistry in order to enhance the health, function and beauty of your teeth. The main objective of full mouth restoration is to revive the function of the teeth, along with the overall aesthetics.

  • Bruxism
  • Seveare Attrition
  • Missing teeth
  • Collapsed bite


Procedures Needed for Full Mouth Reconstruction at Punyam?

At Punyam Dental Office, dental specialists obtain your mouth clinical condition and suggest the procedures to be done for your complete treatment. As every case is different and accordingly our dental specialists find out the best treatment for your teeth. As most of the cases requires various phases and visits to the clinic. The following procedures may be involved in/during your treatment;

  • Contouring of the gum tissue to balance your smile
  • Modification of your teeth
  • Temporization
  • Bite correction
  • Replacement of the temporaries with permanent restoration
  • Placement of permanent restoration like crown/bridges and veneers made up of ceramic material attached with a stainless metal screw.
  • Restoration and implant placement to replace the missing teeth.

Full Mouth rehab

How long does Full Mouth Rehabilitation Procedure Take?

It totally depends upon your clinical condition as it may vary from patient to patient. At Punyam Dental Office, dental specialists suggest the procedure according to the condition of the damaged teeth and what it is the full mouth condition.

Why Full Mouth Reconstruction at Punyam Dental Office?

At Punyam Dental Office, we promise not only with improvised functions but aesthetics also where you will not only be able to smile with confidence but will also be able to enjoy on the food that you desire to have.

Full mouth rehabilitation is performed in conjugation with Tek-scan to ensure that the bite/occlusal forces are distributed evenly on all the crowns to ensure a better prognosis of the treatment with an everlasting smile. Our team of experts is always there for patients ensuring the best ever experience for them in any treatment. From the start of consultation till the end of the treatment we provide you the complete guidance at every stage.

A good smile is really unprecedented which would really impact your personality everywhere.


State of the Art Technologies Under One Roof
Advanced Technology includes Tek-Scan, Bio iLase, Osstell, Weldone, DSD

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5000+ Successful Implants, Packages starts @Rs.18,900/-

We Use Class B Autoclave for Sterilization Protocol
All Materials Used in our Setup are Imported from USA, UK, Germany, Australia.

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