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Kids/Pediatric Dentistry

At Punyam Dental Office, we advice the first checkup by a 1 year old to ensure that their teeth and jaw developments are normal and most importantly for the parents to know how to help their children in taking care of their oral health from the beginning.

We offer state-of-the-art technology and amenities in order to make a dental visit relaxing as well as enjoyable for kids. We understand the prime reason for developing anxiety of dental condition amongst the children and therefore, we ensure that they are taken care by expert (Kids Dentist) hands so that your child is at ease.

In dentistry for kids, our specialists have undergone the “3 Years Special Training Program” to understand all the clinical conditions of the kids.

Guidelines followed by Pediatric Dentist

  • Comfort for kids should always be a priority.
  • Kids should not be forced for the treatment.
  • Consent and guidance of parents are necessary.
  • One of the parents is always welcome in the operatory room.

The First Visit for Dentistry for kids

  • After the eruption of the first tooth, no longer than 6 months.
  • When your child get 12 months old.
  • If you have any query regarding your child’s oral condition, please contact here +91-9818955508.

Dental Checkups for Pediatric Dentistry

Education and prevention of the oral health problems in children are the prime concern for us. Therefore, educating parents about how they can keep their child’s oral health fit and fine during a checkup is the most suitable time to comfortably evaluate.

  • Number of teeth present
  • Is there any missing teeth
  • Evaluation of braces/bite
  • Is there any loose teeth
  • Gums health
  • Cavity check
  • Use of fluoride
  • Evaluation of habit

How Our Dentist for Kids Can Help Your Child?

  • Pit and Fissure Sealants
  • Fluoride Applications
  • Space Maintainers
  • Root canal treatment/Pulpectomy procedures
  • Appliances for breaking habit
  • Tooth-Color Fillings

Pediatric Dentistry for Kids at Home- Tips

We understand the parents concern too that it gets difficult for them to brush their child’s teeth as they may scream, kick them, run away, and not open the mouth, though, every child is different. Healthy teeth and gums are really very important to begin a life with. To take care of your child’s oral health, you need to;

  • Make them brush twice daily.
  • Do not give them sugary foods.
  • Rinse mouth after every meal (as per the age appropriateness).
  • Visit your kids dentist twice a year.
  • Make good oral health your habit

Dentistry for Kids

Behavior Management Techniques for Kids Dentistry

The child behavior management at Punyam Dental Office is a way through which our dental team efficiently and effectively performs the treatment for a child. Our aim is to maintain a positive dental attitude as it is important for all behavior management techniques.

Behavior Management of children at Punyam Dental Office is a balancing act involving the kid, parent and our kids dentist. To provide the finest dental care to children, our pediatric dentists have good communication skills. Higher probability of children does not cooperate in the dental chair; they create obstructions to deliver a quality dental care and then it boosts up to behavior management techniques. But, at Punyam Dental Office, these children are also treated with proper care and ease as we are specialized in pediatric dentistry and treating kids, so that there anxiety is kept at bay.


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