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Laser Root Canal Treatment

Laser Root Canal Treatment also known as Endodontic Treatment is an advanced method of treating the infected carious teeth painlessly. Its main aim is to remove the infected pulp from the tooth and ensure that it is infection free. Laser Root Canal Treatment has been proven as effective for many patients at Punyam Dental Office.

By adapting the latest and advanced laser technique & German technologies, Punyam Dental Office has busted the myth that Root Canal Treatment is painful as we offer the painless Endodontic Treatment to our patients of all age groups. So, in such a way Endodontic Treatment is helpful for the patients to get rid of the infected part of their tooth without worrying about the removal of their tooth.

Who Needs Endodontic Treatment?

  • Patients who have infected deep carious teeth and feel extended/radiating pain from tooth to jaw or even ears sometimes.
  • Patients who feel sensitivity on the deeply infected carious tooth while consuming hot or cold foods or beverages.
  • Patients having swelling/inflammationin a particular tooth (sinus/endo-perio/fistula).

Laser Root Canal Treatment

Why Laser Root Canal Treatment is preferred?

Laser Root Canal treatment is needed in the cases where the infection has reached the deeper levels/roots of a tooth. Degeneration of the pulp starts once the infectionspreads. Endodontic treatment is recommended immediately in the case of formation of abscess (painful collection of pus)at the end of the tooth root. Also, if the abscess is not treated in the required period of time with endodontic treatment, then it can result in severe effects on the jawbone health of the patient.

Benefits of Endodontic Treatment

With the advancement in technology in every sector, dentistry has also shown some major changes in the technology over the period of time. Leave those past painful experiences of dental treatments and experience the new laser technology. Punyam Dental Office provides air abrasion to treat cavities; we integrate the cutting-edge technique to enhance endodontic treatment for patients suffering from dental problems. With the intense laser light, laser root canal therapy cleans the root canal which melts the debris called as the smear layer containing the bacteria. This technology of cleaning the tooth root is more capable to give you relief. This technique helps you in maintaining the natural appearance stability by protecting your natural teeth.

  • Lasers can kill bacteria and clean the infected area with greater accuracy.
  • It reduces approximately 99.7% bacteria counts in the mouth.
  • Tooth becomes more protective and secured for any future cavity or infection.
  • As it is painless, it reduces the discomfort and limits the need of local anesthesia.

What is the Reason of Root Canal?

When the pulp gets infected, it possessmore chances of spreading the infection and in case, it left untreated then it is more likely to trigger pain, tenderness while touching, chewing, swelling, prolonged sensitivity and even tenderness in lymph nodes.

What We Do in Endodontic Treatment at Punyam Dental Office?

Punyam Dental Office provides this treatment with the advent of Dental Laser technique from Biolase technology, which has brought a radical change. The way our endodontists perform the root canal procedure by using laser technique in order to remove the dead tissue as well as infection is approved by FDA. Biolase technology is a leading provider of painless soft and hard tissue dental laser technology.

Punyam Dental Office provides painless root canal treatment keeping your evergreen smile intact and keeps your anxieties at bay. preventing the occurrence of a same infection.


Que: How much time does a Root Canal Treatment take?

Ans: The Root Canal procedure usually is a single visit procedure. In case, if the procedure is done for the second time on the same tooth then it is considered to take minimum of two appointments, depending upon the clinical situation of a patient.


Que: What are the success rates of Endodontic Treatment?

Ans: Success rates of Endodontic procedure vary from patient to patient and according to the clinical situation and oral hygiene. Most endodontic procedures have a success rate as close to 99%.


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