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Laser Root Canal Treatment in Gurgaon

Perhaps lasers have witnessed a strong position in the landscape of dentistry with the evolution of medical equipment and applications which brought the concept in order to help the root canal Treatment (RCT). Laser Root Canal which is also known as Endodontic treatment removes the infected pulp and eliminate infection from the canal network.

Benefits of Laser Root Canal Treatment in Gurgaon at Punyam Dental Office

The laser root canal treatment in gurgaon at Punyam dental Office, reduces the possible side effects as far as root canal procedures are concerned. Left those painful experiences of traditional root canal therapy with the advent of new laser technology. With air abrasion in order to fix cavities, we incorporate the cutting edge technology to enhance the root canal procedure for dental anxiety patients. With the parallel beam of intense light, laser root canal therapy clean and sterilize the root canal which melts away debris known as the smear layer consisting of the bacteria. This technique is capable to clean the root more thoroughly over the traditional treatments.

This technique while protecting the natural tooth also maintain the natural appearance, protection over other teeth from strain, efficient chewing and normal biting force.

Laser Root Canal Treatment

What are The Reasons of Root Canal?

When pulp gets infected, it poses more chances of infection and in case left untreated, it is more likely to trigger pain, tenderness while touching, chewing, and swelling, prolonged sensitivity to cold or not and even tenderness in lymph nodes.

What We Do in Laser Root Canal Treatment in Gurgaon

With the advent of Waterlase Dental Laser from Biolase technology, it has brought radical change the way some dentists perform the root canal by using laser and high-pressure water system in order to remove the dead tissue as well as infection approved by FDA. This technique produces sufficient heat and pressure to remove the debris without using the hand drills while cutting down the time spent on cleaning the root more thoroughly rather than traditional root canal techniques.

Simultaneously, it also reduces all the possible side effects that may be caused in the conventional root canal procedure. It limits the amount of bleeding and can be used with minimal or no anesthesia. While it reduces the amount of inflammation, swelling and discomfort, which is more often the outcome of traditional root canals, which further elevates the anxiety of patients from dentistry.

Punyam Dental provides painless root canal treatment in gurgaon keeping your evergreen smile intact and keeps your anxieties for root canal treatment at bay.


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