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No Prep Dental Veneers in Gurgaon

No Prep Dental Veneers before and after

A non-prep veneer is a most non invasive treatment modality which can bring a great change in smile, without affecting the enamel. As far as porcelain veneers are concerned, and then they are known to be too conservative which requires minimal modifications in preparation in the teeth. These changes are sometime necessary or desirable, while in some of the cases; it is possible to place the veneers with no preparation of the teeth.

No Prep Dental Veneers Treatment in Gurgaon at Punyam Dental Office

While seeking an alternative over traditional porcelain dental veneers, there are numerous minimal preparation and No Prep ceramic veneer options. These options may include Lumineers, Durathin and Vivaneers – available for those to whom Custom bonding is not an option or suggested by the dentists.

What We DO in No Prep Dental Veneers Treatment in Gurgaon

No-prep dental veneers that can be applied seamlessly and are ideally designed for ultra-thin, in order to deliver the natural looking smile. At Punyam Dental, we follow the standard protocol not to harm the soft tissues but just to add the material to the natural tooth with the latest non-invasive technique. Those who are uncomfortable with the idea of teeth getting reduced, this technique is the ideal as bonding is fully performed on the enamel.

These “minimal preparations or no-prep dental veneers” does not require grinding, cutting or filing down the original tooth structure for the proper placement. This procedure is efficient, quick and virtually painless. This is certainly a good option for those adults and adolescents that are looking for the effective cosmetic results for the dental conditions which include cracked teeth, discolored teeth, gaps between teeth, worn teeth, slightly crowded or small teeth.

After a comprehensive consultation and diagnosis, your smile is digitally designed and shown as Test Drive on your teeth, before the preparations of the teeth, which gives us an advantage of customising and personalising a individuals smile.


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