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Orthodontic Treatment at Punyam Dental office

Orthodontic Treatment In Gurgaon – Invisible Braces Treatment

It is a part of orthodontic treatment, which has not just enhanced aesthetics but self-esteem and confidence as well with the successful alternative over traditional braces. It has turned out to be a smooth and contemporary option, where teeth are straightened but are virtually invisible. Yeah of course, that definitely makes so much sense to you as you won’t have to think even twice to get the braces now. The results of invisible braces treatment have turned out not only optimal but with equal amount of comfort and discretion.

Benefits of Invisible Braces Treatment

  1. Gives you a charming smile forever.
  2. 3D imaging technology is used to design it.
  3. Helps you to leave a long lasting impression.
  4. They are non-visible, so people don’t easily notice it.

We bring a bright smile on your face through orthodontic treatment which also includes the easiest way of getting your teeth straighten and placing it at the right position by Braces Treatment & Clear Aligners. The non-aligned teeth looks unaesthetic and thus lowers the confidence level, so as to get the right-alignment teeth Invisible Braces Treatment is also implemented.

Punyam Dental Office provides you the Orthodontic Treatment with the best ambience in terms of getting the right treatment done without any kind of hesitation and discomfort through.

Orthodontic Treatment In Gurgaon – Clear Aligners Treatment

Clear Aligners are the transparent strong brace material in form of dental braces. Which are used to fix the teeth positioning and straighten them so as it looks impressive. This treatment aligns teeth until the targeted position is achieved.

Is Clear Aligners Treatment right for you?

Clear Aligners were introduced 20 years back, since that time it has improved the many clinical conditions of the patients and thoroughly used by our Orthodontists. But here the question arise is Clear Aligners Treatment right for you? The simple and best answer is it depends upon clinical conditions of your tooth. After reviewing clinical conditions of your tooth, our Orthodontist specialists may recommend you this or may not.

Invisalign: Invisalign is one of the most trusted aligners option available. We at Punyam Dental Office help our patients to implement Invisalign clear aligners by certified Invisalign Orthodontist in Gurgoan, India at affordable cost. Our experienced certified Invisalign dentist already handled many complicated cases easily.

Benefits of Invisalign Clear Aligners

  1. Invisalign clear aligners are made through computerized mapping and molding, so the precision of the tray is very accurate.
  2. It just takes around 12 months to get your teeth straighten and give you a fine smile.

Orthodontic Treatment In Gurgaon – Traditional Braces Treatment at Punyam

Traditional Braces Treatment- These braces are basically standard metal wires which are placed on the teeth providing the gradual pressure to improve and balance the crooked or unshaped teeth so that it can be straighten and lined up to look impressive and good. There are various types of traditional braces which includes;

  • Ceramic Braces- These braces are made of ceramic and the only thing which apart it from other braces is its tooth like colour. So that it is very less noticeable and give more comfort and confidence.
  • Lingual Braces- These braces placed at the back side of the teeth, so that it’s not visible and doesn’t affect the patient in any form. That makes them different from any other braces.
  • Metal Braces/Self legating- These are the most common braces which are used by all age of people to straighten their unshaped teeth and to get the impressive smile. These days metal braces are now even much smaller, flatter and doesn’t put much pressure on teeth.

Benefits of Traditional Braces

  • This gives you a good result in case you have totally crooked teeth as it significantly straightens your teeth.
  • Traditional braces have been for so long now in the dental world, so the trust of people lies with that and they use these braces.

How does Orthodontic Treatment Works at Punyam

First the patient is analyzed and checked by our orthodontists that which treatment does he/she needs then a preview of the invisible braces treatment or clear aligners is generated, after the check up, to assess the outcome of the orthodontic treatment.

Punyam Dental Office maintains high class transparency with the patients as we guide them through exact things they want, so that they also have to visit our office less time with getting more benefits without leaving their routine work.

These all above procedures and treatments are an added advantage for International visitors also. Since, Punyam Dental Office staff needs only two appointments in a single visit to begin this orthodontic treatment and in case of clear aligners, these can be sent directly to your address. We offer cost-effective invisible braces treatment and clear aligners to our patients those who don’t want visible braces.


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