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Teeth Cleaning at Punyam Dental Office

Teeth Cleaning

Teeth cleaning ensures the maintenance of oral hygiene and health. Although daily brushing and rinsing can maintain a good oral health but professional dental cleaning and check-up are essential in order to alleviate the chances of developing other dental diseases. At Punyam Dental Office, we offer you high quality process of teeth cleaning which is known as Oral Prophylaxis.

Oral Prophylaxis – A Oral prophylaxis is a cleaning procedure performed in order to clean the teeth. This procedure is considered to be an essential step for holding the progression of periodontal disease. Not only for the tartar removal, but it is essential for aesthetics as well as fresh breath. It also involves removal of deposits of plaque that have colonized either above or below the gum line over the period of time. If the tartar is allowed to accumulate on the teeth, they encourage the growth of bacteria to thrive on gums.

This procedure is carried out with ultrasonic scalers to remove the stains and calculus, and polished to ensure a smooth tooth surface.

Discover the use of Oral Prophylaxis at Punyam Dental Office, where we integrate latest technologies in order to get the best outcome.

Laser Root Canal

Scaling and Root Planing at Punyam Dental Office

Scaling and Root Planing is also known as conventional periodontal therapy, is a procedure of eliminating the bacterial attack and the dental plaque and then planing or smoothing the surface of the roots. It is a non-surgical periodontal procedure, hence, no chances of occurrence of pain.

Benefits of Scaling and Root Planing

  • No need of surgical procedures.
  • It eliminates the bleeding and swelling of the gum tissues
  • Produces a root surface which eliminates the bacterial colony formation.

Complete and Partial Dentures Treatment at Punyam Dental Office

Before and After of Dental Scaling and Polishing

A replacement for missing teeth and surrounding tissue is a removable dental prosthesis which resembles closely to the natural teeth in order to enhance the smile. There are two types of dentures- complete and partial dentures.

  • Complete Dentures –  it is the solution which is considered to be an alternative as compared to implant and fixed bridges for the missing teeth as per the patient’s clinical condition. When all the teeth are missing then complete dentures can be fabricated.

Advantages of Our Complete Dentures Treatment

  • It fills the gaps in the mouth and easily adjusts with your jaws.
  • It is easy to remove and anytime you can cleans and brush them.
  • It restores your face appearance and makes your face look young

  • Partial Dentures– Partial dentures are used in cases where some natural teeth are present. In case of partial dentures, it fills the spaces created as well as alleviates the chances of other teeth from shifting.

Advantages of Our Partial Dentures Treatment

At Punyam Dental, we offer several types of partial dentures like cast partial, metal, flexible and acrylic where cast and flexible are considered to be the best one. This procedure is not only responsible for enhancing smile but improves chewing and speech as well.

Sometimes patients may experience increased flow of saliva, difficulty in chewing as well as speech but these will settle as the muscle and tissues start getting habituated to the new dentures.

Cavity Fillings-Composite and Ceramic (Inlay/On-lay)

Dental Inlays and On-lays enable our dental specialists to conserve more tooth structure and are considered to be the restorations that are used in order to repair teeth with cracked/fractured surface but are sufficiently healthy in order to avoid the need for a crown.

Ceramic inlays and on-lays which are chosen for the aesthetic reasons are made from ceramic material that resembles the natural color of the teeth. This is viewed as a better alternative, placed inside or over the surface of decayed teeth, made of, composite or porcelain. These are the repairs which are virtually invisible.

The inlay or on-lay are not only stronger but can even last longer and suitable for large repairs on front teeth and chewing surface on back teeth.

Extraction of Wisdom/Impacted Teeth at Punyam Dental Office

Extraction of wisdom teeth is the process of removing one or more wisdom teeth. The four permanent adult teeth located at the back in your mouth on both the upper and the lower side.

If a wisdom tooth doesn’t get the enough space to grow then it may result in infections and other dental problems. At Punyam Dental Office, our dental specialists help its patients in extracting or pulling out that tooth. Our dental specialists advices its patients to extract the wisdom tooth according to their clinical conditions or even sometimes they suggest to pull it out even before it starts creating any problem, as they observe that it may cause infections and dental problems later on in future. Wisdom teeth usually grow up between the ages of 17-25 and in some people it never grows up or if it grows then sometimes doesn’t create any problem or infection. All it depends upon the clinical conditions from patient to patient.

Our dental specialist will perform the procedure at our dental clinic in Gurgaon, Punyam Dental Office. In addition to make the area numb our dentist may give you local anesthesia; also our dental expert may recommend sedation to let you be more comfortable while the whole process takes place.



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