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TMD & Orofacial Pain Treatment


Tempomandibular Joint is a sliding hinge that connects jaws to the temporal bones of the skull which are in front of each ear. It has simultaneously two hinges which is as similar joint that is present for door opening and closing. It refers to the condition, with the involvement of intense pain or tenderness in the muscle responsible for joint that controls jaw movement. Sometimes the patient may experience jaw popping, jaw pain, or pain in the eyes, face, head and pain while chewing, with the pain sometimes difficult to explain.

TMJ is unique in a class of its own due to its both hinging and sliding joint. TMJ treatment which goes undelivered as mostly the treating doctor do not know the possible grounds which results suffering of the patients in two ways:


TMJ is unique in a class of its own due to its both hinging and sliding joint. TMJ treatment which goes undelivered as mostly the treating doctor do not know the possible grounds which results suffering of the patients in two ways:

  • Local Pains that leads a insane or strange life
  • Chronic body pain and depression
  • Dependence on pain killers

What are the symptoms of TMJ?

TMJ disorders have various signs and symptoms. It’s often difficult to identify if the patient is suffering from TMJ, since one of more of the symptoms can also be present for other problems as well. With the help of proper diagnosis through comprehensive medical and dental history, dentists can identify followed by conducting clinical examination.

Some of the common TMJ symptoms are:

There are many signs and symptoms which may include:

  • Headaches or Migraines
  • Earaches
  • Pain and Pressure Behind the Eyes
  • Clicking or Popping Sound while Opening or Closing the Mouth
  • Pain Observed While Yawning, Opening the Mouth too Widely or Chewing
  • Tenderness of the Jaw Muscles
  • Change of Facial Expression
  • Change in Lower and Upper Teeth Fit Together
  • Pain in one or both of the Temporomandibular Joints
  • Locking/Dislocation of the Joint Making it Tough to Open or Close Mouth


Causes of TMJ or TMD

The temporomandibular Joint with the combination of hinge action with sliding motions, where the parts of the bones that interact in the joints are covered with cartilage, are separated by small yet shock-absorbing disk. So when the disk erodes, it causes TMJ disorders with pain. Sometime arthritis damage the joint’s cartilage or damaged by a blow or other impact.


TMD can be diagnosed by:

  • Clinical Evaluation for symptoms
  • Radiographic examination including OPG, CT scan of the joint
  • TMJ scans & Lateral spine
  • Occlusal Analysis using Tek-Scan
  • Muscle evaluation using JVA

tmj xray

TMJ or TMD Treatment in Gurgaon

Although the symptoms of TMJ disorders may sometimes go away without any treatment. In case the symptoms persist, then dentists at Punyam Dental offer a variety of treatment options from medications to surgical or other procedures with the incorporation of cutting edge technology:


The Medication option is one of the non-surgical procedures which may relieve the pain associated with TMJ disorder:

1. Pain-relievers and anti-inflammatories: Although over-the-counter is one of the pain medications which may sometime enough to relieve TMJ pain. In case, the patient is not relieved and then the doctors or dentists may prescribe the stronger relievers such as Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) considered to be the anchor of the treatment.

2. Muscle Relaxants: These are some of the type of drugs that are sometime used to relive the pain caused by TMJ disorders for a few days or weeks.

tmj massage


1. Oral Splints: By bringing some occlusal appliances into use, soft or firm device is inserted over their teeth which are beneficial for people with jaw pain.

2. Physical Therapy: In order to strengthen jaw muscles, our treatments include ultrasound, moist heat and sound along with the exercises to improve the stretching of the jaw muscles.

3. Counselling: We at Punyam Dental, believe that Education and counselling play an important role to understand the factors or peculiar behaviour that worsen the pain in order to avoid them. For instance, teeth clenching or biting fingernails etc.

Treatments which may range more conservative dental to complex surgery depend upon the diagnosis. Our dentists suggest surgery in case of clear joint damage where treatment that may be performed on the basis of thorough medical history and physical examination.


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